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Advanced Light Controller (With Sound)

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the videos on the RCMojo YouTube channel you’ll have seen a couple of videos showing the progress of the new all singing all dancing light controller. It could really do with a better name as it handles sound too.

The all new Servo Tester

I get quite a few hits on the old articles about the old Servo Tester, it was a useful tool but I never quite got it to a state I would have been happy to sell. A little while ago I decided to start from scratch, designing something that would be viable to sell.

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RC engine synth

Make engine sounds for your RC with an off the shelf Arduino, a digital pot, a LM386 and some passives… Simple!

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Servo Tester: Software online

Almost all the electronics are in, only the output stage is missing, however whats there all works, as shown by the RCMojo logo.

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Servo Tester: Legends on, LCD in

Another step closer to a boxed up prototype, the legends were designed in QCad, printed on plain copy paper and stuck on with Diamond tape, not a perfect finish, but perfectly good in use.

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Servo Tester: Box chopped up

A fairly long standing project has been the servo tester for RCMojo, it has all kinds of fancy features, but it’s time to move beyond the breadboard and put it in a project box.

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