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Advanced Light Controller (With Sound)

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the videos on the RCMojo YouTube channel you’ll have seen a couple of videos showing the progress of the new all singing all dancing light controller. It could really do with a better name as it handles sound too.

The all new Servo Tester

I get quite a few hits on the old articles about the old Servo Tester, it was a useful tool but I never quite got it to a state I would have been happy to sell. A little while ago I decided to start from scratch, designing something that would be viable to sell.

A wild online shop appeared

Not surprisingly taking orders by email and sending out invoices wasn’t all that popular, thanks to those that did use that system though, it’s enabled me to work on this setup.

RC engine synth

Make engine sounds for your RC with an off the shelf Arduino, a digital pot, a LM386 and some passives… Simple!

Servo Tester: Software online

Almost all the electronics are in, only the output stage is missing, however whats there all works, as shown by the RCMojo logo.

Servo Tester: Legends on, LCD in

Another step closer to a boxed up prototype, the legends were designed in QCad, printed on plain copy paper and stuck on with Diamond tape, not a perfect finish, but perfectly good in use.

Servo Tester: Box chopped up

A fairly long standing project has been the servo tester for RCMojo, it has all kinds of fancy features, but it’s time to move beyond the breadboard and put it in a project box.

LCD and button sharing I/O

I often see people struggling to get all the peripheral parts connected up to an Arduino without running out of pins. The thing many people miss, especially early on, is you can connect multiple things to a single pin, so long as you do it right.