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A wild online shop appeared

Not surprisingly taking orders by email and sending out invoices wasn’t all that popular, thanks to those that did use that system though, it’s enabled me to work on this setup.

We’ve got 2 ways of getting to the goodies. If you hover over the Shop item just below the Logic Is Power tag at the top you’ll get a drop down menu. Alternatively you can just use the links under /shop in the sidebar.

First item is the cut wire, I had a couple of people ask what wire to use for the LED installs, and so, if you want some of what I’m using it’s available by the meter.

Next we have single LEDs, these come with a 220r 1/8W resistor, chosen with a 5v or 6v source in mind, which is normally the BEC voltage that powers the light controller. The white and blue LEDs could go down to a 100r resistor for a bit more brightness, but the difference is minimal.

And now we get to the fun one, the plug & play LEDs. I’ve spent quite a while distilling down the variants so you can put together something that’ll work with most truck bodies. If all else fails you can always use the Contact page and ask about custom harnesses. And of course there’s some kits available with the controller

Last one, the controller itself, and the plug and play kits. One for the usual indicator setup with orange flashing light front and back, and a second when you want to use USA mode and have the brake lights flash.

Crikey, that’s almost enough to pass for a ‘Wall Of Text’, oh dear. If anyone managed to get to the bottom of all that here’s a coupon code for 5% off “ireaditall”

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